Housemarque and Beatshapers announce that after a minor QA setback caused by a prank their “little furry friends conjured up”, they are finally able to confirm the North American release of Furmins.

If you don’t know what Furmins is, this little quote from the PlayStation Blog explains it pretty well;

In Furmins, players will attempt to guide the eponymous and loveable creatures across fiendishly designed levels by rearranging a variety of items in real time with well-coordinated precision. Strategically placed items create pathways and physical chain reactions that guide the Furmins to a basket at the end of the level.

…and a game-play trailer definitely helps;

Check it out when it releases next week in North America.


  • aros

    “Quality Assurance setback” for a dire mobile game ported to console – the only thing that would be more poetic-justice than that is “QA failure”