Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is currently set to release April 24th in Japan, and now we’ve got confirmation that some of the past personalities will be joining the fray.


Along with the new girl (Philia), we now know for sure that we’ll be seeing Asuna, Leafa, Sinon and Silica – as well as other characters from Sword Art Online’s anime and PSP media. Above is a screen from an event featuring Leafa and Sinon; the event screens will apparently have something touch-screen based for interaction, though they haven’t really specified what.

Also, it’s been revealed in Dengeki PlayStation that new-comer Philia is an “orange player”, meaning that she’s previously committed some sort of in-game crime – such as a player kill. What this means regarding her abilities is unknown, though it could mean that she’s a wanted person; a title that might make things a little harder for her new friend Kirito.

Aside from giving us some character information, there’s also some new screens of the in-game play released. The first shows a digital area of the Hollow Fragment which is filled with screens, and the other is a screen showing eight-player co-op (over ad-hoc, though).

Check them out;

I don’t ¬†know about you guys, but even despite the ad-hoc only online…. I want it.



  • Brandon Hardaway

    Dot Hack has moved on and so am I…this has potential to be even better than Phantasy Star. CAN’T WAIT!

  • WhyWai

    .Hack/ series will back! I hope!