Ys: Memories of Celceta finally gets a specific release date for the European region.

You can officially get your Ys on this February 21st from retail locations, with the digital copy hitting the PlayStation Store the 25th.

Excited? Here’s some game-play video to give you the just of the game – trust me, it’s worth the wait;

Also look for Yuuki’s review on the title, coming very soon.

  • Who’s that stud making that video 😉 good news for you EU people games a lot of fun!

  • aros

    I received my import version a couple of days ago and have enjoyed the game a lot so far. Is there an item that allows you to dive under water? I seem to have reached a dead-end in the forest, although there is one giant enemy that is too tough for me that I have not killed.

    Is there an easy way to get back to town? I don’t want to do the huge trek each time I want to visit shops, it seems like there should be a teleport from the stones or the camp or something?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Yes, there’s an item that allows you to go under the water – this is likely your next step before progressing. As for an easy way back to town… not until later in the game.