A post from a developer at Halfbrick Studios on NeoGAF may have revealed that a PlayStation Vita release of Age of Zombies could be launching this week in Europe.

Under the username Rlan the developer also describes the fact that this will be the first version of the title that will be playable via dual-stick controls and has been made “quite a bit harder“.

Age of Zombies has already hit the PlayStation ecosystem in the form of a PSP Mini, but this looks to be a whole other animal.

No word yet regarding a North American release.


  • Magnumstache

    Downloaded the original as a PSP Mini and enjoyed it a lot. Very funny.


  • aros

    I played through the game on Xperia Play with the touch-pads acting as dual-analogue and it did seem easy, so good they have bumped up the difficulty. Personally I’m definitely not buying this though – I’m boycotting any 69p mobile games released for £4 or more from now on since the Vita’s library is so awesome these days.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’ll buy it again. Spent many hours on this game.

  • I love zombie games.