If a recently distributed survey is any indication, it looks as though Sony are considering bringing PS Mobile to PS Vita TV. The word of Sony’s curiosity comes via a series of tweet from indie developer Mike Oliphant of Nostatic Software  – who seemed rather convinced and that the e-mail could foreshadowed future action.

Oliphant arrived at this conclusion by noticing that a trend in the verbiage of the line of questioning put forth in Sony’s recent e-mail.

Perhaps the most interesting destination that Oliphant arrives at is that the survey could be a hint that PS Vita TV could find its way to the West, even to go so far as to cite it as “encouraging“.

While this is not an official confirmation from either Oliphant or Sony, we too share his hopes and encouragement regarding PS Vita TV moving forward.

PS Vita TV is currently available in Japan, and is scheduled to release in other Asian regions in 2014.

  • Lester Paredes

    Not a big fan of PSMobile, but if more people want to make games for Vita TV that hopefully makes a stronger case for releasing Vita TV in the west, I’m all for it.