Dragon’s Crown is getting a new patch to fix bugs, add a bunch of features and improve the overall operation of the title.

Highlights of this patch include a new difficulty level, an increased level cap, a new dungeon and more – check out the official change log below.

[Bug Fix]

  • Improved operational stability under certain circumstances.

[Added Features]

  • If you clear the ninth level of the Labyrinth of Chaos you can now select the “ultimate” level of difficulty at the temple.
  • When you’re playing on “ultimate” you can access the new automatically generated dungeon “Sky Road of Dreams.”
  • On “ultimate” difficulty the level cap has been raised from level 99 to level 255.
  • Both the up arrows and the L button can now be selectively used as item shortcuts.
  • Damage can now be displayed as a total number.
  • Silhouettes can now be displayed on the foreground to improve visibility.
  • When there’s a save game with a cleared game it’s possible to skip the initial phase of the story and start with the search for the talismans.
  • It’s possible to skip requests that have already been completed once.

[Operational Improvements]

  • Adjusted skill effects and actions for each class.
  • Adjusted behavior of NPCs.
  • Adjusted effects and rules of equipment and items in the Arena.
  • Made all round improvements to the system in order to enhance operability and ease of use.

Sounds like a pretty awesome patch to me, but for now it’s only available in Japan – localization incoming soon.

Update: Now available in North America!


  • PoSiTiV3tEnSiOn

    This is great. I love that they are constantly working to improve this game.
    Really makes the initial purchase feel more than worth it.

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about. I always said the big thing Mobile does right in gaming is doing patches and updates that add new content and features. It’s great seeing console games starting to do the same.

  • MasterofMidnight

    It’s great to see they’re adding patches and extras to this game. So many devs would just leave the game as is and focus their efforts on future titles.

  • Escapethemoi

    Shieet nice! One of my favorite Vita games, might actually dust it off for a round 2. That level 255 cap might actually make it easier to get the damage achievement, since I don’t like playing caster.

  • aros

    Awesome, I’ll probably go back to the game with the new features. It’s an excellent game which I’ll probably look to finish over Christmas.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    I’ve yet to even reach lvl 99! Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do!

  • “Both the up arrows and the L button can now be selectively used as item shortcuts.” Holy crap! Thank you Vware!!!

  • The patch is out in NA!

  • Lester Paredes

    Yep. My Vita downloaded it at like 3 in the morning when I was playing spider-man. I was all: A new Dragon’s Crown update? Search the net for what it does! And then, jaw drop. Awesome, Vanillaware. Keep it coming. And maybe put Odin sphere, Princess Crown and Grim Grimoire on the vita too?