Wild Season is a farming simulator which is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. Developed by Filipino developers Quickfire Games, it can be described as a more mature version of Harvest moon.

The goal stands at £22,500, of which 16k is already funded – there are still 6 days to go.

Kickstarter Link


  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope it comes to Vita. I’d throw in my support, but the Holidays have me strapped for funds… Please get funded, please get funded, please get funded!

  • mechanicaltoaster

    I hope this get funded too.
    Looks promising (*O*)*

  • ugh i want to but it doesnt confirm vita so id be wasting my money if they never made it for vita -_-

    • Yuuki

      it does, ouya will play a extra 22k to them if they are founded.
      It somekind of “free the game” project by them.

    • Brian Sharon

      Agreed. I love Harvest Moon and would love to see this game come to Vita, but until they decisively state that they will bring it upon reaching their goal (or a stretch goal) I just can’t bring myself to contribute. Here’s hoping though.

      • Yuuki

        the thing is that the money they rise will only go to the stretch goal once funded since they were accepted in http://freethegamesfund.com/