Dengeki PlayStation clues us in on  Moero Chronicle; a dungeon RPG featuring character design by Katsuyuki Hirano (the Record of Agarest War character designer) and developed by Compile Heart.

According to Siliconera;

“You play as Io, an ordinary boy with a tender heart. To save the world from a disaster, the village elder forces you to go on a journey. Io has friends with him like Leche, a close friend that’s a daughter of a nekomata. Lilia is another close friend with an energetic personality that’s a daughter of a fenrir. Koko is some unidentified monster’s daughter. And finally you have Otton (the seal mascot character) who is… a wandering panty hunter.”

Moero Chronicle is slated for release April 24th in Japan.


  • MasterofMidnight

    “According to Siliconera; “The most cliched, standard JRPG story in existence.””