According to producer Hisashi Koinuma, Samurai Warriors 4 could potentially be heading for Western shores in time for summer 2014.

When faced with the question on Twitter, “Can we get Samurai Warriors 4 for the West please?” the producer replied with, “Yes. Perhaps next summer.”  If this rumour does become official, you can expect Samurai Warriors 4 (the franchise itself a spin-off to the Dynasty Warriors series) to feature over 50 characters which is more than previous games in the series as well as including new actions and powers.

Currently in development for the PlayStation Vita and PS3, the hack and slash action game by Tecmo Koei is scheduled to release in Japan on March 20th 2014.


  • Lester Paredes

    Despite Tecmo Koei America’s lack of… shall we say… presence? I do like that they support the Vita. I just wish they’d give us some warning before they randomly drop the next $40 dollar Atelier game on PSN…

    • Yuuki

      well they usally leave a twitter coment on it… a few hours prior.
      I still remember that day thta paul send me the meruru code and i was like huh the release date was today? xd

  • Darkologia

    Awesome am still playing Warriors Orochi 3 but am excited for a new SW game