The creators of Wild Season have announced that barring any problems with porting the title, it will be coming to Vita. They also released a videocast in which they show new material and talk a little bit about it.

Check it out;

Some more new details from their Kickstarter page post;

“Hey Everyone, I know you’ve all been asking for the pledge goals, and we’ve been a little slow to publish them due to the holidays and our desire to tripple check things, but I wanted to make a quick note to make you guys aware of what is confirmed and what we are working on, with the current achievement.

Considering the additional funding from OUYA, and the extra monies we have raised, we will be using the funds to do the following:

1. We are all but confirmed on PS Vita & Wii U. As mentioned previously we are just waiting on getting the respective SDK’s to go thru them, however pending any unforseen major issues, we will be publishing on those platforms. We will just not officially confirm them until we review the SDK’s in the event of any surprises. But 99% yes, even if we find surprises it will probably just delay the launch in those respective platforms as we really want Wild Season to be in them.

2. Co-op Play. We really want this, however we need time to explore how far we can take it. The extra funding will help us do so. We need time to explore the limitations of what we can do with co-op, meaning will it be local play only? will we be able to do peer2peer co-op play, will we be able to do internet co-op play, etc. Without this extra funding we would have not even been able to explore the option of this, but now we can. We will be keeping you all up to date on how far we can take this with the current funding.

3. More Characters! YAY! With the OUYA Stretch goals we are introducing additional characters including more bachelors & bachelorettes, and with more ethnic variety. We hope to include at least 2 more bachelors & 2 more bachelorettes.

4. We will hire a writing assistant! Writing is an exhausting job! and in an effort to ensure that our writing stays fresh and non-repetitive (and to allow us to produce more lines and conversation options overall) we will be bringing on-board an additional writer/writing assistant

5. Greater Depth  in Gameplay : This means with the stretch goals we will be putting resources into making the game better. This means story-lines will be revised to see where we can extend them. In some cases they will be re-drafted to encompass the additional resources to make them deeper, increase choices & make them longer.

6. Better Mini-Games – Instead of keeping mini-games simple, we can now put more time & resources to code minigames with more levels, challenges and goals. We initially had mini-games for bar-tending, waitering, crop-collecting & package delivery. We will now be enhancing them, and exploring to add a few more mini-games.

7. Greater Interactivity overall – We can spend more time on the little things – giving npc’s more depth, giving your wife & child more social & interactivity options. We originally watned to do more than just let them sit around as decorations. Whilst the level of depth we could provide was in the grey area, we can now say with confidence that they will do more than just sit there 🙂

There’s still a few more things we are exploring that are still in grey-areas but as we gather more information we can confirm them over the course of development :)”

Kickstarter / Homepage


  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Wow. So much details huh. Guess in the end, the player benefits from longer story and gameplay.This team sounds very promising with Wild Season, the way I see it, it might outperform Farming Simulator big time. I just wished there would be NO Wii U release; don’t get me wrong, I just hate Nintendo. Grr…

  • mechanicaltoaster

    Yehey!~ I hope they officially release it on PS Vita. I look forward to it. 😀

  • Lester Paredes

    Awesome! I’m glad they made their goal and that Vita is practically confirmed. I love Harvest Moon and this looks like it could be a better version. I’ll be looking forward to this and if I come into some extra money in the future, I’ll definitely be donating.