Information about Project Diva F 2nd continues to roll in as a Siliconera report offers us a rather lengthy look at the music featured in the upcoming Japanese rhythm  game.

The plethora of  gameplay screenshots comes following the news that the game will include an Augmented Reality feature, exclusive to PlayStation Vita, which will allow players to host their concerts wherever they’d like.

Project Diva F 2nd is set to dance onto store shelves on March 6, 2014, in Japan.

Take a look below at the various galleries, sorted by track:

                                                                 “Glory 3usi9”

                                                               “World is Mine”

                                                  “SPiCa –39’s Giving Day Edition-“

                                                      “Cantarella – Grace Edition”

                                                           “Luka Luka Night Fever”