Tecmo Koei is developing an enhanced port of Atelier Ayesha for our PlayStation Vita –  and much like all the other “plus” games, Atelier Ayesha Plus will include all currently available DLC from the PS3 version. What’s more is that we’ll also be getting an all-new boss, as well as a hard mode that increases the hit points of the enemies greatly.

There is also a new feature called panel attack which gets activated when you clear certain tasks in the game. Gust hints that there might be some kind of bonus when you turn over all of the panels.

Here are some screens;

Atelier Ayesha Plus has a Japanese release date of March 27th. Details about a Western release aren’t yet known, but are likely to follow soon.


  • aros

    I do want to play these games but they are so expensive on the store. Hopefully this will be physical in at least the US.

  • Lester Paredes

    Keep ’em coming. They’re surprisingly fun!