China has suspended a 14-year ban on the sale foreign consoles, opening the door for ententes such as Sony  to enter a relatively untapped “multi-billion dollar video game market“.

The temporary lift of the more than a decade long ban allows for “foreign-invested enterprises” to manufacture consoles within the limits of Shanghai’s free trade zone and sell them directly within the China. However there is a caveat, as those looking to enter the market will have to gain government approval before being able to do so, according to the State Council.

While the suspension does look to usher in a new-era for China in terms of accessibility, it should also be mentioned that many within the nation have found ways to procure foreign-made consoles through unofficial channels.


  • Terramax

    It’s unlikely this will affect China much. The majority of gamers are PC gamers, as that’s the only way to play them, legally, and it’s not likely a vast number will switch over to consoles in a hurry. That being said, they say a good businessman finds a way…. so here’s hoping a company, hopefully Sony, will capitalise on the lift.