Jamie Fristrom, Founder of the newly formed Happion Laboratories, announced that the independently developed Energy Hook will make its way onto PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2014. The revelation comes a post on the Official PlayStation Blog by Fristrom himself, who is perhaps best known for his work on the critically acclaimed Spider-Man 2 video game.

Energy Hook is clearly inspired by the Fristrom’s time with the web crawler, but the game also mixes in “points-for-style” elements that are perhaps more synonymous with titles based off of action sports.

“You swing from rooftop to rooftop, pull off mid-air tricks, run along walls, and rack up points and energy for doing it. Because: it’s the future. And that’s what the extreme sports of the future look like. You have gravity beams and gravity boots and jetpacks and can do awesome stuff.”

Moreover it seems that the developer is genuinely excited to be bringing Energy Hook onto PlayStation Platforms, and particularly PlayStation Vita.

“PS Vita is my favorite handheld. There’s no handheld like it – nothing else comes with dual sticks, and Energy Hook wants those dual sticks! It’s a very expressive game that wants precision controls. A touchscreen is not enough. So while casual gamers are playing Candy Crush on their phones, we can play Energy Hook on PS Vita. I daresay it’s going to be the first time a decent 3D swinging game graces handheld, ever.”

Energy Hook will release with exclusive-priority on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2014.

  • Yuuki

    Jet set radio oO

    • XtemmA2

      ha, that crossed my mind too when i first saw that screenshot.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Brian, I’m going to use the same words you once did to my commentary regarding Jamie Fristrom: ” I enjoy his enthusiasm”. Finally a Developer who falls in love with the PSVita. I might add this game to my 2014 Wishlist, which BTW is composed of: Bioshock, Duke Nukem and Borderlands 2.

  • aros

    Awesome. Can’t wait for this but disappointed it’s a racing/tricks type game rather than an action adventure. Loved Spiderman 2 though, loads so delighted it’s going to have that swinging system.