Brand-new concept art has been released for Volume, developer Mike Bithell’s follow up to the acclaimed indie title Thomas Was Alone.

The images give us a look the designs of Volume‘s protagonist, Robert Locksley, along with his enemies and even some of the environments found in the announcement trailer. The freelance artist behind these pieces is a long-time friend, and collaborator of Bithell’s by the name of Daz Watford; whose portfolio can be found here.

After winning the GameCity Prize this past year, Bithell announced that Volume would be a futuristic retelling of the Robin Hood legend, a tale dear to him as a child. In this modern translation many of the motifs, fashion and aesthetics of a medieval world will find themselves placed upon a hyper-realistic dystopian canvas.

The visual blend of these two distinct settings by Watford has resulted in a rich and unique universe.

“From the armour styling of the AI, to the gauntlet and quiver like battery pack on Locksley to the awesome celtic patterns on the volume projectors, he’s nailed it, and produced a cool tech environment with a British twang.” said Bithell.

Volume is set to debut on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. For more information check out the Official Website.

View the gallery below: