A new PlayStation Access video has announced Sony plans to offer a Netflix-like subscription packages for their recently unveiled PlayStation Now service, expanding from the initially revealed a la carte rentals.

No information has been released in regards to pricing for PS Now, but it has been suggested that it will be separate from a PlayStation Plus membership. Currently Netflix packages begin at the price of around $8 per month.

Sony announced the PlayStation Now at CES 2014, which will allow users to stream games from the within the PlayStation back catalogue to a multitude of certified devices.

For more on PlayStation Now – click here.

  • Not surprising, and since a PS+ subscription is now required for online gaming on the PS4 this was always going to be additional. Hopefully they will implement some sort of “Super PS+” which includes both.

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  • Terramax

    Hands up who thinks us Europeans will pay more than the Japanese and Americans?

  • StarTrekGuy1701

    Yay Sony!!!!! Im So Happy!!!!!

  • Lester Paredes

    I had hoped this would be included with PS+, but i guess not. I’m with Paul and hope for some sort of super plus. Otherwise, I’d hate to add on yet another monthly recurring bill to my stack of other monthly occurring bills.

  • JonofPDX

    I like the sound of $8/month, but I would be surprised if that price point doesn’t limit you in some way (either bandwidth or playable “airtime”). The mechanics of streaming the game just require a lot more supply-side costs than streaming a movie, and Sony’s going to want to see an immediate profit on the service.