The PSN charts for December have been posted on both the US (North American) and EU PlayStation Blogs, showcasing the most sold titles on the PSN. Terraria takes the top spot in North America while The Walking Dead jumps back to #1 in Europe.

North America


  1. Terraria
  2. Tearaway
  3. Guacamelee! PS Vita
  4. Spelunky PS Vita
  5. Rainbow Moon
  6. LIMBO
  7. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  8. Ys: Memories of Celceta
  9. Hotline Miami PS Vita
  10. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season


  1. Sola Radio
  2. Beats Trellis
  3. Cytus Lambda Full Version
  4. Scientific Electronic Calculator
  5. Quiet Christmas



  1. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (2)
  2. Terraria (New)
  3. Killzone Mercenary (5)
  4. Need for Speed Most Wanted (RE)
  5. Persona 4 Golden (RE)
  6. Muramasa Rebirth (4)
  8. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (RE)
  9. Rayman Legends (RE)
  10. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (RE)

NA Charts / EU Charts

  • The only surprise for the EU charts is a lack of Tearaway, nice to see that many of the sales had an impact, and great to see Terraria doing well.

  • aros

    Tearaway came with some great bonuses in EU for pre-orders, I think most of its sales will have been physical.

  • Yuuki

    wow p4g still so strong.