Get ready to do a kick-flip because the PlayStation Vita exclusive title OlliOlli has a release date, and it may be sooner than you think.

After a delay in late 2013, it has been revealed that Roll7‘s tricked-out take on the endless runner genre will roll onto the market on January 21 in North America, and January 22nd in Europe.

Watch the release date trailer below:


After this post Roll7 themselves took to the Official PlayStation Blog to announce OlliOlli‘s release date, but they also managed to introduce some interesting details.

The game will include four game modes consisting of Career, Spots, Daily Grind and RAD. Furthermore it was said that the game will include 1 Gold, 3 Silver, and 8 Bronze trophies. For the full trophy list Рclick here.

Lastly it was announced that there will not be a demo, and news will be coming regarding the price of OlliOlli will not be revealed until launch day.