In response to a large outcry by their fans, 505 Games took to Facebook to detail their status in translating Terraria update 1.2 from PC, to consoles.

The developer conveyed their satisfaction in the difficult process, and announced that they will be delivering the update in full; rather than via incremental “waves”. Furthermore they addressed the speculation that when the patch did arrive, it would not contain everything found on PC; which they conceded to be true.

“Second thing would probably be: “are we going to miss out on anything on consoles?”, and the answer is yes…you will not get the 10 additional inventory slots that were introduced on PC, but so far that is all.”

Also revealed by 505 games was a rather detailed list of the elements that they have completed, and those that they have still yet to tackle. However the developer seems confident that, should no unforeseen issues arise, the 1.2 update will release nearly complete.

Due to the fluidity of the project, no exact release date was given other than the flexible “early 2014”.


  • Slizarus

    I read this earlier but I’m glad it’s being done, real glad.
    I’ve really enjoyed Terraria and I definitely want more content before it’s all eaten up, I just have no desire to get on the PC version even if it’s sitting in my steam list.

    The Vita just makes it the perfect game to relax in bed with, heck, that’s where I’ve done most of my multiplayer with the title.