Retro Affect revealed that the PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3 editions of the retro puzzle-platformer Snapshot are still in development.

The revelation comes by a rather fortuitous exchange on the Vita Subreddit, in which a user created a post, searching for information about a game he had previously played at a demo booth.

“Hey guys. I’m trying to find a game that I played as a demo on one of the PS Vita kiosks at FutureShop months ago. It uses the camera in the sense that, there was a block on one side of a wall and, by using the camera, you could take a picture of it and move it over to the wall, allowing you to jump onto the block and advance through the level. Sorry for not giving too much detail. Any suggestions?”

The question yielded a response by another member, TheWilcoB, who seemed certain of both the identity of the game in mention, as well its possible demise.

don’t believe this game is AR-based so it doesn’t use THE camera(s) of the Vita in a literal sense, but your description seemed to be really similar to this game – Snapshot” replied TheWilcoB. “I don’t think it’s ever going to be released.

Snapshot was revealed via the Official PlayStation Blog in May of 2012, however following a December 2012 blog post on the developer’s website, there had been no official word regarding the state of the project; despite it finding a release on Steam in August of 2012. Disregarding the omens, TheWilcoB took it upon himself to contact Retro Affect about the status of the game, and to everyone’s surprise – he heard back.

“They are definitely still on the way!” affirmed Retro Affect Co-Founder David Carrigg.Theres been a decent amount of delays internally, mainly due to switching priorities between having the Sony platforms out first, then deciding to launch the PC platforms first, and more recently with the new console launches we’ve been exploring those options as well.” he explained

Furthermore, according to the self professed Software Neurosurgeon not only is Snapshot still planned for PlayStation consolesdevelopment has already completed and the game could release relatively shortly.

“For the Vita and PS3, my best estimate right now is that they’ll be out in the next 3-4 months. Its complete on our end, but need to work with Sony’s final QA run, as well as determine its exact launch date with them.”

While initially it had seemed as though the PlayStation versions of Snapshot had become vaporware, it turns out that all this time it had been incubating.

For a look at Snapshot check out the debut trailer below:

  • Lester Paredes

    Wow. I had totally forgot about this game. I wish them luck, since I think everyone else did too. lol

  • Buckybuckster

    This was one of my most wanted Vita games…. of 2 years ago! Nice to hear that the game is on track to see its long awaited release this year.

  • aros

    I’m shocked QA takes 3 – 4 months. That’s a long time. Hopefully they can speed things up over the coming year.