Sony are entering into a partnership with gaming-audio icons Turtle Beach to develop an official gaming headset for PlayStation 4 that will also be compatible with PlayStation Vita.

According to IGN the headsets will hit the market in a multi-tiered fashion, with a high-end tournament-grade version being accompanied by a cheaper alternative aimed at the “average consumer“.

The brand-new headsets will be revealed this summer, and will hit store shelves later this Fall.

  • StarTrekGuy1701

    hope they make it bluetooth wireless, not aux input cable 🙁

  • Lester Paredes

    But i already have an awesome set of headphones. I bought some Turtle Beach ones made for mobile ( and spent $40 (they’re 30 now) and that thing snapped apart due to cheap plastic within 2 months. No thanks, Turtle Beach. Not until you improve the build quality.

  • Slizarus

    Well, I’ll be honest, this sounds like something I’d want, I hope I can plug it into the Vita and the PS4 Controller.

  • aros

    I have the M5s for Vita at the moment, the quality is good. I have the PX5s for PS4, which are excellent. The Vita only supports stereo sound so there’s not much point getting a powerful pair of TBs for it. I definitely recommend surround headphones for console though, great sound adds so much to the experience and immersion.

  • Yuuki

    are turtle beach really as good as the people say?

  • Terramax

    Oh, I see Sony, so I’m ‘average’ huh? Well, my mum says I’m special….

  • So does that mean they’ll be fixing the bluetooth in the Vita?