In a public Question and Answer segment on his personal website, Creator Edmund McMillen revealed some interesting details about the upcoming title; The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. McMillen is a popular figure in the gaming community, largely due to his ability to speak candidly with his fan base, and his responses remain faithful of that distinction.

A respectable portion of the initial inquiries surrounded the decision to remake the cult-favourite game, with fans specifically questioning the developer’s diverging art design. McMillen explained that he had early plans for an expansion for the game, but was limited in scope by the use of Flash. When approached by a member of (future) Rebirth developer Nicalis about a potential collaboration, he then suggested that due to a lack of progress – the pair revisit The Binding of Isaac.

I was contacted by Tyrone of Nicalis (Cave Story, VVVVVV, etc) about a super meat boy remake for non XBLA consoles, and since i had hit a wall with isaac i suggested a remake and we were off!” said McMillen.

If i had to do all the art myself it would push mewgenics and rebirth back a ton.”

In regards to the change in art style, it appears that McMillen was never pleased with the Flash aesthetic and if it were not for the involvement of Nicalis he would have pushed Rebirth back indefinitely. “If i had to do all the art myself it would push mewgenics and rebirth back a ton. I didn’t want to spread myself thin or half ass the art so i asked Tyrone to put his best pixel artists on the job.” he explained.

Moreover, it seems as though much of what the public has seen of the game is reflective of an early build, and the developer promises for many clear improvements in the final version.

“When its all said and done Rebirth will feature a shit load of very pretty animated pixel effects, from fog, lighting, moving grass and torches to non enemy creatures that wander, crawl, fly and eventually get stepped on. There will also be tons of other little effects like interactive puddles, smoke, subtle quakes,  drips, drops and moving foliage.” he clarified.

In expanding on the changes found the visuals, the developer revealed a couple of previously unannounced additions; including three new characters a brand-new score; and extra endings.

McMillen would not specify a date for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s release, but did suggest that it would be available sometime in 2014.

For the full Q&A session – click here