It looks as though the PlayStation Vita versions of OrangePixel’s mobile titles; Gunslugs and Heroes of Loot, could be on their way in the near future. News of each games impending release came via twitter by the Dutch developers themselves.

Information about Gunslugs heading to PlayStation Vita emerged in the summer of 2013, but according to a rather obvious hint; we won’t have to wait long to see the title grace Sony’s handheld.

Furthermore, a tweet by OrangePixel CEO Pascal Bestebroer not only revealed that the studio’s other title, Heroes of Loot, would be coming to PS Vita, but that the code is already in the hands of porting extraordinaire Abstraction Games.

Both titles, while vastly different in terms of gameplay, employ OrangePixel‘s signature pixel-art design, and have been well received by critics and fans alike.


After speaking directly with the fine folks at OrangePixel, we can now confirm that Gunslugs is slated for launch on February 11 2014 in North America, and February 12 2014 in Europe. Furthermore we have have been informed that much like Heroes of Loot, Gunslugs is also being brought to PlayStation Vita by Abstraction Games.

There is no set date just yet for Heroes of Loot, however it is planned for a Spring 2014 release.

For more information check out the Official OrangePixel Website.

Check out the mobile trailers for both games below:

Gun Slugs

Heroes of Loot