Developer Tyson Kubota took to Reddit to both announce, and gauge the demand for a port of his independently developed and free iOS title; Skydrift. Kubota is currently involved with Digital Development and Design at renowned film-distribution company The Criterion Collection, but also released the self-crafted title in his spare-time.

While the Kubota is clearly in the planning stages of the project, he is clearly intent on bringing Skydrift to PlayStation Vita; believing that his design would translate seamlessly.

I designed Skydrift from the ground up to use tilt (accelerometer) and touch controls only, so it’s a great fit for the Vita. Kubota explained. In fact, I bought a Vita in large part with the hopes of using it for game development” he proclaimed.

Skydrift was created utilizing the Unity engine, and given the fact that Sony has just recently begun opening up their PlayStation Mobile platform to Unity developers; timings could not have been better. “As soon as Unity’s Vita support goes live, I’m ready to port Skydrift.” he said.

However it should be noted that Kubota has not entirely settled on PS Mobile being the final destination for the port, as he also hinted at the possibility of an improved full-release while responding in the comments.

With a full fledged, non-free Vita version I would probably add new levels and possible new game modes to flesh it out more. Currently there are four medium-sized levels, but as a serious game machine, the Vita almost demands a larger experience.”

No other details were specified regarding the port, however it has been noted that Kubota may need to alter the title should it land on Vita due to the existence of a game with the same name appearing on PlayStation 3.

Skydrift is currently available on iTunes
For more information – click here.

Watch the iOS trailer below:



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