Digital Publisher MonkeyPaw has announced that beginning tomorrow they will embark on a self-professed Retro Rush, releasing six rare PSOne classics over the span of six-weeks. The promotion will begin with the release of the previously  Japan-only import title, Double Dragon, which is based off of the American film of the same name.

Here is what to expect from Retro Rush:

  • January 14th – Double Dragon
  • January 21st – Lucifer Ring
  • January 28th – The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny
  • February 4th – Hyper Crazy Climber
  • February 11th – Wolf Fang
  • February 18th – Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return
  • Terramax

    This is great news. I was actually thinking of emailing them asking when / if they were going to release more PSone games. I’m in the middle of playing the first Tomba!, so I look forward to getting the second. Wolf Fang interests me also.

    Now I can send them an email thanking them for their continued support of PSone retro gaming passion.

  • I was quite surprised when I saw Double Dragon for this week! Nice to see more coming, even though I haven’t heard of most of them.