Out only in Japan for a couple of weeks, the sales figures for the much anticipated Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster are in.

The PS Vita twin pack has managed to sell 149,132 copies in its first week, not too bad considering this totals at 87.24% of the total copies shipped.

By week two, sales had increased to a total of 182,170 copies, a staggering 97.26% of the games shipment.

Add to this the fact that not everyone purchased the twin pack of the games, figures show that Final Fantasy X HD sold 25,443 copies (90.57% of shipment) in its first week on sale, totalling at 31,775 copies by week two. Meaning that an incredible 97.26% of all available copies were sold during this period.

However, sales of Final Fantasy X-2 HD were not quite as impressive, only 5,357 people bought that game during the first week of release equating to a 46.64% sell-through of all copies shipped. Sales did pick up, with 16,355 being sold by the end of week 2, selling through 84.12% of its shipment.

All in all, the game appears to have been a sell out during it’s opening weeks and here’s hoping that the game can continue in a similar vein when it sees a release in America on March 18th and Europe on March 21st


  • Terramax

    The general consensus, even in Japan, is that FF X-2 isn’t a good game. These sales support it.

    It’s good to see this game selling well on the Vita. I think Square Enix are waiting on releasing original titles on our favourite platform until there is a big enough install base to warrant such an investment. Here’s hoping that with re-releases such as this selling well it’ll prompt SE to start making new games for the system in the future, and support the Vita much in the same way that they supported the PSP.

  • WhyWai

    definitely getting this on Vita.