Seemingly, a small leak has occurred at the official English Idea Factory site.

The site lists the game with the correct region, covers and ratings for a Japanese game, but once you look at the screenshots you will notice something that isn’t quite right – the pictures are entirely in English. This leads us to believe that someone uploaded the wrong set of pictures, accidentally revealing that a Western release is most likely incoming.

Idea Factory itself describes the game with following words;

“God’s hammer struck twice, punishing the of world of Yafaniel below…

In the world of Yafaniel, humans and an unusual species called ‘monster girls’ coexist. May Esperio, an Academy student from Kunaguva, is training hard to become a “master” of monster girls with her best friends, Elza and Karen. However, after an encounter with a mysterious stranger, Elza became “Lost”, a victim of a strange affliction that plagues both humans and monster girls.

Elza and the monster girls in her service have begun stealing the Magus Quartzes that are held in each of Yafaniel’s major cities. May decides to travel the world pursuing Elza in an attempt to cure her. However, May knows that if she fails to save Elza, the whole world may be destroyed!”

The game is a card-based RPG and was originally released on January 24th, 2013.

We’ll keep you informed if this develops further.


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  • The fact that something like this may be coming West is a true shocker. I remember going to the Wiki page and seeing a GIF of the rubbing feature and couldn’t believe it was something they would localize.