Scottish developer Ludometrics announced today that they are developing Bodycheck, a football-inspired title exclusively for PlayStation Vita. 

The game is an unorthodox take on the sports history in which hundreds of men would ferociously contest over the head of a pig. While Ludometrics concedes that they won’t be trying to realize this scenario completely, they will be infusing the barbaric spirit and aesthetic in which they played out. It’s safe to say that it will be far more NFL Blitz than it is Madden.

Bodycheck is a sports game for people who don’t necessarily like sports.”  said Ludometrics Founder David Thomson on the Official PlayStation Blog. Personally, I’m a fan of sports. I can sports with the best of them. But I find most sports games of recent years lack a certain something-something…” he confided.

Gameplay will still be focused on scoring more points on your opponent, however players will also be given a range of skills and abilities that would be more typically found in a fantasy role-playing-game. Among the magic powers granted to players are resurrection, offensive attacks such as lightning, the ability to manipulate time and more.

Bodycheck is planned for a Q3 2014 release.

Look below for early footage of the game:

  • Luckily there are already sports for people who (like me) don’t like sports games.

    This game does look funny, though.

  • Magnumstache

    Hmmm…Glasgow based games company. Definitely having a wee swatch at their office.

    Looks quite like Speedball 2, which is no bad thing.


  • aros

    You might want to change the comparison to the same type of football games as this game – i thought ‘eurghhh american football’ when I read that line!