Indie Developer Locked Door Puzzle are planning to bring two of their titles to PlayStation Vita. The three-person studio is currently in talks with Sony to create Vita versions of the atmospheric Kairo, and the upcoming Journal.

At this point the developer could not officially confirm their arrival, however they maintain that talks with Sony have been positive and both sides are eager to see both of the games release.

Less than a week ago Lock Door Puzzle‘s Richard Perrin showcased two early images of the both Kairo and Journal on PlayStation Vita, though not in any playable form.

Kairo is a first-person puzzle-game that takes place in a minimalist world. Players are given no overarching narrative, and must come to their own conclusions based upon the imagery found in the environment. Kairo was released for PC in October of 2012, but soon after found its way onto a number of other platforms; including iOS.

The not-yet released Journal on the other hand takes players into a hand painted journey of a troubled girl who must come to terms with the increasingly mature choices asked of her, and the consequences that follow. As opposed to Kairo it is much more focused on narrative rather than exploration. Journal is scheduled for an Early 2014 launch on PC, Mac and Linux.

For more on Kairo, Journal and Locked Door Puzzle; head over to their Official Website.

Take a look below for a look at both games:




  • Devin Hudson

    Both of these games look pretty interesting, with Journal in particular looking like it could be right up my alley. I definitely hope they make it onto the Vita.

  • aros

    I hope they make the text bigger on the second game, that looks like it would be way too small.