After a very long time without the slightest word about Over My Dead Body 2, Sony has let loose a bunch of information surrounding this mysterious sequel.

In a  mention during a interview between Shoji Masuda and 4 game, the director said that fans wanted to see a closer hereditary resemblance in the characters – and this is apparently something they’ve achieved according to Famitsu.

The game includes character customization options that will allow you to either take a picture of yourself to create the first head of the family (editing to your liking of course) or making one up from scratch. The characteristic appearances will then be passed on to the children that follow. You may also choose one of the eight available job classes; including swordsmen and archers. They will vary in clothing according to the theme color that was chosen by the first head of the family.

The curse won’t sadly won’t allow members to have children with regular humans, but they will be able to create offspring with different gods. Doing so could give birth to various gods or deities that were in the first Over My Dead Body game, with a chance that you could even create a entirely new god. There will also be the exception of being able to mate with those who’ve also been affected by the curse, so it’s not all fun and games (or it is, depending on your outlook…)


The gameplay always starts by preparing to go into a dungeon and fight monsters, the combat that of a classic JRPG. The more interesting part of the game however, lies in the part that comes when your character is about to die – you’ll be required to go through the ceremony to leave offspring behind.

The story plays out in an entire nation, with the player always controlling a small faction within a family that has been spread across the country. While progress through the game, you’ll get to get to  meet other factions of the family in the various parts of the country, and through this you will be able to expand your own group. Your personal base will be a mansion in which you’ll be doing your preparations and expanding your family, with many towns close by where you can buy weapons, armor and other useful stuff.

  • TheExile285

    Sounds really good.

  • aros

    It does sound awesome. I love the art style as well – hopefully the frame-rate will be consistent. Is there any indication on when the game might be released?

  • JonofPDX

    Looks interesting, but I don’t know if it will get a Western release. Seems a little niche outside of Japan.