After just recently requesting PS Mobile developers send in their submissions, support for the powerful development tool Unity has officially launched for PlayStation Vita. As of today Unity developers who tote a licensed developer agreement from Sony Computer Entertainment are now able to set up their games for Sony’s handheld.

Using Unity developers will also be given the opportunity to make use of the PS Vita’s unique inputs, such as motion sensors, dual analogue sticks, front and rear cameras and more. Additionally the tool will also offer the ability to integrate services associated with the PlayStation-brand,  these include multiplayer match-making, friends and even trophies .

Unity also revealed that the recently released adventure game, Stick it to the Man by Swedish studio Zoink!, was Unity-based and served as a trial run for the PlayStation version of the engine.

Unity announced their partnership with Sony in March of 2013 and now in just under a year, it appears to have come to fruition.

  • André Rocha

    Well, I guess this must be a good thing but, if developers insist on being lazy it won’t make any difference. I mean, there’s a few GREAT PS Vita games that didn’t need Unity engine which means that those devs were not only talentous but also cared about what they were doing and that had nothing to do with the engine used to make the game. Let’s just hope for the best.

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  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    PSMobile is now taking the road described by the saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”. Unity-based android games on PS Vita? Sure, why not? If that turns out to become a scenario where Vita’s game library gets more and more titles, sign me up. I’m glad the Unity Team stepped up and made it possible. Great news.