Developer Quirkat has announced that they will be bringing their iOS puzzler game Buba over to PS Mobile as soon as next week. The Dubai-based studio, behind such titles as Pro Foosball on PlayStation 3 and Word Blocked on PS Mobile, informed us that the game had approved for the platform earlier today.

Buba is a tile-based puzzle game in which it is your goal as the title character to collect every seed on each level in order to progress. The game is simple in concept, however becomes much more difficult when you factor in that Buba can only step upon titles that match his colour and each time he touches one; its colour changes. This added wrinkle makes strategy and key, with the planning of your pre-plotted paths being essential. There are more than fifty levels and five tricky game mechanics to keep you on your quest interesting.

Look of for  Buba next week in the PS Mobile section of your PlayStation Store.

Watch the iOS gameplay trailer below: