New information has been released about the various modes of the upcoming Japanese title Girls and Panzer: Master the Tank Road!

The modes detailed in the reveal are Story mode and Battle Royale mode according to Gematsu. The Story Mode  is set to follow the general plot of the television show, whereas the Battle Royale mode will feature 30-tank multiplayer in which players can form their own squads.

Screenshots were included in the reveal depicting the modes, as well as various tanks to be found in the game..

Girls and Panzer: Master the Tank Road! is scheduled for a June 26 2014 release in Japan.

Take a look at the gallery below

  • Terramax

    I’m in for the multiplayer alone. I love tank games, and I’d love a big multiplayer game where I don’t die with one shot kills every 2 seconds (see Killzone Mercenary). The visuals look a little sparse here, but with up to 30 people playing at any one time, I’m sure things will look a little different.

    Of course, the chances of this hitting the West are slim, so it’s importing all the way.