Full PayPal support for Kickstarter title Project Phoenix has gone live, including rewards and pledges.

The strategy-rpg – from the minds of such franchises as Halo, Final Fantasy, Diablo and Crysis – well-surpassed it’s initial Kickstarter goal of 100,000; with the campaign concluding at a staggering $1,014,600.

With the new Pledge site launched however, those who wish to support the title are still able to do so via PayPal. In turn, supporters will be offered the same rewards as those who jumped in during the Kickstarter campaign.

Additionally there are plans in motion for current backers of Project Phoenix to be given the option to upgrade their pledges, as well as a potential store that could be launched where supporters can purchase exclusive Project Phoenix memorabilia.

The release date of Project Phoenix on PlayStation Vita has not been revealed.

For more information check out the Project Phoenix Pledge site.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Second chance to to commit, it’s a shame the Voice Over goal seems so out of reach though.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Man that looks gorgeosu as an indie game