A recent patch for Muramasa Rebirth seems to have come with some unfortunate attribute, it removes audio from the game. The update (v1.01) is necessary to play the newly-released  Fishy Tales of the Nekomata DLC, and it wasn’t long before fans noticed the introduced error to the main game.

Taking to publisher Aksys Gamessupport forum, players recounted their experiences with the disappearing audio, citing that the battle voices for the Rebirth’s two-main protagonists – Momohime and Kisuke – had gone missing after the update. Clearly seeking answers, it wasn’t long until a representative responded on behalf of Aksys to explain the current predicament.

“This issue of Momohime/Kisuke’s battle voices not playing with Okoi’s patch (ver 1.01) installed will be fixed for the next patch that will come out in the near future.”

The poster, who goes by the username Akselziys, could not elaborate further in regards to the timeline for a new patch, but did offer a temporary  method for players to recapture the missing audio.

“If you’d like a quick fix in the meantime though, I’d suggest backing up your save data via Content Manager and then deleting/re-installing the Muramasa Rebirth data to your VITA, which will reset it to ver 1.00, but you won’t be able to play with Okoi unless you have ver 1.01 installed.”

Moreover, in spite of the fact that Aksys only handled the North American & European releases of Muramasa Rebirth‘s DLC, it seems as though the v1.01 patch is available in other regions; making the issue rather systemic.

From what it sounds like, the patch is compatible with region 3 as well, since people in region 3 can access/download it.” Akselziys admitted. “I believe the DLC though would need to be submitted and distributed on the R3 SEN store, which we don’t handle unfortunately.” he explained.

Being that there is no official solution for the bug just yet, it was suggested that players complete Muramasa Rebirth’s campaign in it’s entirety before moving onto the the DLC and installing the patch, thus circumventing the experience.

Fishy Tales of the Nekomata is the first of four DLC packs heading to Muramasa Rebirth.

We will have more as this situation develops.

  • TheExile285

    Its a shame. I updated as soon as the DLC came out because I wanted to play it. Thankfully there is enough end-game content in the DLC to keep me busy while I wait for that patch. (Still need to finish Momohime’s story).

    The DLC itself is awesome though.

  • aros

    I really hope they put this on Plus soon – I have an import but would buy the DLC if I could.

  • And the trophies also do not sync to the Playstation online servers.

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  • Denny Rachmat Syahputra

    Okay, I did backup the saved files and then reinstalling the game, but my save data isn’t there, I can’t resume game 🙁

  • walaowey

    So that means I can still play the DLC?
    Because mine is R1 region.But I’m staying in R3 region.Before this I don’t know about all R1,R2 and R3 region thing.So I just bought R1 region without realizing.Can I just download the DLC on R3 region SEN store and then install it on R1 region game?