Just a day prior to its North American release, the pricing for the upcoming skateboard trickiest OlliOlli has been revealed.

News of the game’s pricing comes by way of the newly announced PS Vita PLAY 2014 promotion, in which PlayStation Plus members are given a 20% discount on four select new Vita games during their launch weeks on the PlayStation Network.

If you aren’t member though, there’s no reason to fret, because depending on how many of the qualifying titles you buy from the promotion; Sony will accordingly credit your SEN wallet as reward.

Here is how it breaks down:

  • PS Vita PLAY 2014 Bonus;

Buy any 4 PS Vita PLAY games to get $10
Buy any 3 PS Vita PLAY games to get $6
Buy any 2 PS Vita PLAY games to get $3

  • PS Vita PLAY 2014 Games;



Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? Let us know in the comments!


A tweet from developers Roll7 has shed some light as to OlliOlli’s European pricing as well. OlliOlli will launch at £7.99 in Europe, with a 20% discount for PS+ members that factors out to £6.39.

  • aros

    I’m loving OlliOlli so far. I really hope the developers of the other two indie titles are fair with their pricing as well and use a genuine conversion. As long as we get that and the 20% discount I’ll grab them both on release even without the promotion!