Tecmo Koei has released an official English website and released a brand-new Japanese trailer for Deception IV: Blood Ties.

While not everything is revealed, the English homepage for the Blood Ties is locked behind an age barrier and offers readers a ton of insight as to the story, traps; stages and gameplay found in the game.

Traps will fall into three categories; Sadistic, Elaborate and Humiliating. Some of the highlights include a giant pick ‘up claw, the swinging axe and the tombstone. Moreover, two of four stages on the website have been detailed; Balmagyr and Prosslyn Castle. Each stage is comprised of a few distinct areas, complete with their very own stage traps, distinct terrain and in some cases even Trapmobiles.

Trapmobiles are only found in certain stages and due to their magical enchantment they follow the direction of a magical source. The example given on the website is the Scarlet Express, found only in Balmagyr. Taking the shape of an imposing high-speed locomotive, this dynamic object can do some serious damage.

Apart from the basic trap-laying set up, the site also goes into some of the intricacies of the gameplay mechanics. For example, some enemies wear body armour and will be impervious to low-damage attacks. However, certain traps are designed to take advantage of their defensive weaknesses and are able to exploit them to break their effects.

Furthermore it seems that Tecmo Koei has simplified the controls for Deception IV. In previous entries in the series traps were assigned to one of three buttons, but that scheme will now be streamlined. Now, instead, players will cue up traps on a chart in order of priority and will execute them using the “x” button.

The website promises to deliver information on other stages and movies in the future.

Deception IV: Blood Ties hits PlayStation Vita on March 25 2014 in North America and March 28 2014 in Europe.

Check out the screenshots and Japanese trailer below: