Double Eleven Founder Lee Hutchinson revealed today that the studio is working on remastering, a currently unknown, PlayStation 3 title for PlayStation Vita.

The announcement came by way of a twitter, where the Double Eleven boss candidly affirmed the projects existence, as well as its current status in an unprovoked post“Our next title sees another PS3 title being adapted & improved for VITA.Starting at 3fps its an optimization mission to get up to a solid 30” exclaimed Hutchinson.

 It’s unknown at this time which game the studio is currently working on, however based upon a follow-up to Hutchinson’s initial tweet, we may not have to wait long for further details. “I dont think we’re long off announcing.”

Double Eleven has had a strong relationship with the PlayStation Vita, creating original titles like LittleBigPlanet Vita; as well as porting console experiences such as Limbo. Most recently however the studio has been working on Frozen Synapse Tactics for Sony’s handheld, an revised version of Mode 7′s 2011 release.

Keep an eye on TVL for more information as it’s revealed.


Double Eleven may have shown their cards early as they’ve all but affirmed the title in development as PixelJunk Shooter.

The potential affirmation came in response to concept artist Gibbs Rainock who guessed hopefully on twitter that the game could be PixelJunk Shooter; to which Double Eleven directly replied; “someone has guessed correctly too“.

This is not an official confirmation by any stretch, however it should be noted that PixelJunk Shooter was originally developed by Q-Games for PlayStation 3 and was later ported to home computers by Double Eleven.

Double Eleven since stated that they will attempt to hurry along the reveal.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    Starting at 3fps? Does this mean it could be a graphic intensive title?

    • Darkologia

      yeah that what i thought, looking forward to hear more of this title

    • Terramax

      Metal Gear Solid 4 😀

    • Brian Sharon

      I think it’s more indicative as to the current state of development.

  • Magnumstache

    I was thinking of PixelJunk Shooter, since they’ve already ported it.

    Would be happy with that!!


  • ruefrak

    The Last of Us on Vita confirmed.

    Honestly though, if I had to make a serious guess, it would be Journey. It’s the last of That Game Company’s games that has yet to be ported to both the Vita and the PS4.

    • Terramax

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about this title, but I’ve not seen anything of it, so I’d be totally down if this were it.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Plenty of good guesses, going around. My personal guess is that it’s Journey or Puppeteer but I’d love to be surprised.

  • jon

    Good job Brian.This is an exclusive.You guessed perfectly 😉 Now let’s wait for the official announcement.

    • Brian Sharon

      I can’t take all the credit my friend, but thank you.

  • steven1212121212

    Shoot, can’t wait for Double Eleven to do Everyday Shooter when they finish this and Frozen Synapse: Tactics.

  • aros

    Hopefully it will be, I’d like to try the game.

  • aros

    I would love more than anything for Puppeteer to come to Vita though, I’ve wanted it on Vita since release and was stunned it was doomed to sell badly on ps3 rather than be a big release for Vita.