[quote_right]TxK features beautiful vector graphics that look stunning on the Vita’s screen, an outstanding and extensive original soundtrack and absorbing, satisfying gameplay that’ll take you to tranced-out arcade nirvana. TxK is neon candy for your thumbs and your mind – come get your supply![/quote_right]

You may have missed the news, since it was sneakily posted as part of the NA PS Vita Play promotion, but with not much fanfare Llamasoft have revealed that their highly anticipated Tempest Vita title TxK will launch on February 11 for $9.99, and will have a further 20% off for PS Plus members for the first week.

Tempest 2000 was one of the stand-out titles on Atari’s Jaguar console, an addictive and crazy 3D shooter and TxK is very much a spiritual successor to that game, which was itself a refresh on the 1981 Arcade original, featuring a thumping soundtrack, vector styled 3D visuals and hard as nails gameplay, and we expect more of the same on the Vita version!

Hopefully this will also translate as a February 12th release in Europe; we have reached out to Jeff Minter for more information, and we will let you know when we have more news on that, but wow, we can’t wait for it! Who else is excited for this one?