Nippon Ichi Software released a buffet of new screenshots of the forthcoming PlayStation Vita tactical-JRPG Disgaea 4 Return.

According to a report from DualShockers the enhanced remake will feature a multitude of new features including the difficulty swapping Cheat Shop, the enhancement toggling Innocents Warehouse, the Replay Shop and the Weapon Appearance Change menu that (unsurprisingly) allows players to alter the size and design of their weapons. Also making its way into the game will be brand-new Peta Magic, which features certain assets created through a collaboration with outside designers.

Additionally it has been learned that those carrying a Disgaea 3 Return game-save on their Vita will be able to unlock both “Stella” and “Rutile” as characters in Disgaea 4: Return.

Disgaea 4 Return is scheduled for a Japanese release of January 30 2014.

View the gallery below:

  • steven1212121212

    Please NIS America, bring this to the West. Many who’ve liked playing Disgaea 3 will jump on this.

  • aros

    I hope it comes West quickly, definitely a pre-order for me as I loved Disgaea 3.