Roll7 has announced that they are working diligently on bringing some updates for the newly released OlliOlli.

Though widely praised and highly reviewed, OlliOlli isn’t without it’s flaws. The combo-focused skateboard game occasionally crashes, seemingly without warning or trigger. However this isn’t something that is lost on the developers as they’ve publicly  stated (including previously directly to us on The Vita Cast) that they are hard-at-work on a new patch to correct this.

Though infrequent, this bug can become  understandably frustrating. However there seems to be a temporary solution that many are recommending (including yours truly). It appears that the bug somehow relates to the WiFi, and as such turning off the PlayStation Vita’s local-wireless connection may limit your chances of experiencing a crash.

Additionally Roll7 has expressed interest as to introducing new forms of leaderboards into the game, such as friend specific boards to compare scores with your closest rivals.

We will have more as it’s released.


  • Magnumstache

    It’s crashed on me a couple of times. Didn’t lose any data though so wasn’t that bothered. Glad they’re fixing it though.


  • aros

    Friends Leaderboards are an absolute must. I hope you can contact the developers and state this is something the community really wants – I am never going to be anywhere near the top of daily challenge but I will play every single day if there’s a Friends top scores bit. For some reason I assumed this would be in the game and it is the only thing missing for me as the game has exceeded expectations in every other area. Hopefully they will pump out packs of new levels £1.19 for 10.

  • Freakyhijiki

    Even with the Wifi off the game randomly crashes on me. Really pisses me off because this game requires precise input and memorization of the level. I will be on what I feel like is a perfect run and then all of a sudden, crash error pops up. I have reported it everytime, so hopefully Sony puts the pressure on them to fix this soon.