Siliconera has tipped us off to the lowering of the Vita stretch goal for Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians.

Previously set at a whopping $1.8 million, the stretch goal has been lowered to the $1 million mark due to the request of fans and prospective contributors. This (I believe) is a very reachable goal given that the project’s Kickstarter campaign has already amassed nearly $400,000 of its $600,000 initial goal, with twenty-three days to go of its thirty-one day campaign.

It’s also worth noting that they’ve added a stretch goal for the PlayStation 4 as well, which comes in at the $1.25 million mark – a still very palatable number compared to the $1.8 million they initially asked for the Vita version.

Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more updates on this prospective tactical role-playing game.

  • JoeCool

    I’m glad! if FFT creator is involved, I’m in!

  • aros

    Sounds a lot better but sadly I’m still not prepared to put in when Vita is a stretch goal as I don’t want to lose my money and only get a useless PC version I cannot use. Fingers crossed they raise the $1m though.

  • hunterslasher13

    Wow so they really do listen huh, cancelled my pledge yesterday saying that I didn’t think they would make it to the vita port. I still don’t know if they’ll make it to the vita port but the probability of it happening has definitely went up.

  • italodance

    It’s the iOS game first…