According to a post on the European PlayStation blog, the PlayStation Network will be down for maintenance on Monday the 27th from 5:30pm to 11:30pm GMT.

Luckily though, the only services which won’t be availble are the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home (PS3) and Account Management – meaning that other important services such as friends, party chat and online play are not expected to go down.

That said, the European PlayStation blog is advising users who may want to play online during that time to log into the PSN any time after the 20th (so right now’s good) so that your system will be still be verified when the maintenance starts – a roundabout way of stating that user verification will also be down during the partial outage.

No word if this extends to the Asian or North American PSN users, as the maintenance warning was only posted on the European blog. If we hear anything, we’ll let you know.