Rebellion Run: Dash or Capture is a new Japanese free to play title coming to PlayStation Vita February 27th.

A teaser site for Rebellion Run recently opened, the official site launch set for the 30th. Along with the launch of the site will be the opportunity for pre-registration, allowing you to set up your profile before the February launch date of the game.

Rebellion Run will feature a microtransaction model to compliment its F2P nature, and will allow multiplayer with up to three friends (four players) over either ad-hoc or infrastructure connections. The object of the game is to compete for treasure in either real world locations such as Akihibara or fictional locations, crafting your own path as you progress in a sport seemingly named “dash”.

Dash is based on a “king of the hill” style mechanic of the runner holding a briefcase which signifies they’re “it”, and everyone else trying to chase them down with weapons and acquire it. The object of the game is to get away without being caught and taken out, thus winning the contents of the case. At the end of each match, players are awarded experience and upgrades based on performance.

Downloadable content will also be offered for the game, though I’m not sure if that means items bought via microtransactions or actual expansion content (translating from mostly Japanese sources, which isn’t really 1:1 nor is my Japanese perfect).

Three characters have also been revealed;

  • Hiyoi Terazono – Joined Dash to find information on her brother who disappeared
  • Kyousai Shintou – Joined Dash to pay for his sister’s medical care
  • Maria Tensaka – Joined Dash under the notion that it was the popular thing to do, and is a genius who can apparently handle anything thrown at her

Seeing as how it’s a Japanese F2P game I wouldn’t bet on it coming West; that said, it seems a lot more interesting to me than Destiny of Spirits. Look for Rebellion Run: Dash or Capture on the Japanese PlayStation Store February 27th.

  • Kurisu Makise

    I can’t be the only one who’s reminded of The World Ends With You based on the character art, right…? Seems like a fun game concept though, I’m hoping the micro transactions don’t ruin the game balance as I do believe F2P can work when setup right.