The latest update – version 1.04 – for Killzone Mercenary has gone live and is now available for download via the PlayStation Network. This latest patch marks update four of a planned roll-out of updates for the portable shooter and brings a slew of new, behind-the-scenes, fixes.

Here are the details according to the update log:

  • Revised matchmaking to reduce join game disconnections.
  • Improved multiplayer balancing.
  • Stability fixes.
  • 8,172KB in size.

Update 1.04 marks the last of the scheduled updates listed in the itinerary posted by Guerrilla Cambridge in 2013. The next update, which has no exact timeline, will feature two new free multiplayer maps and an offline Botzone for Mercenary and Guerrilla Warfare mode.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as Killzone Mercenary is.

  • jakdripr

    Glad to see they’re still supporting this game. I do wish they’d release an update that makes cutscenes skippable.

    • hesoyamdonMonster

      yaa that would be amazing

    • almostautumn

      Nice call. I just finished up the Contracts the other day: skipping cut-scenes would have really cut down on how “choreish” it started to feel.

    • JonofPDX

      I can see what they were trying to do (hide the long load times) but having the OPTION of skipping after the map has loaded would be nice.

      • Jeremy Winters

        Actually you can skip cutscenes after you’ve loaded them. Just tap the screen. If you’re talking about the in-game cutscenes, you can’t skip them.

        • JonofPDX

          Lol–yeah after I posted this I thought about it and realized I was wrong. Been a while since I played the contracts 🙂

        • jakdripr

          Really? Well that’s good to know.

    • Dan Martinez

      you can.. after a few seconds tap the screen..

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    i really need 1.05 patch which will bring bot match, and will save my vita from collecting dust

    • StarTrekGuy1701

      i hope bot mode adds new trophies. havnt played kzm since i platinumed it in december 🙁

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  • Lester Paredes

    YAY! New free maps coming next! also, I agree with the other commentators on the skippable scenes. Really, how can we not have that this day and age?

    • hesoyamdonMonster

      the first play through, i am ok with cut scene, because they spent time and money developing the cut scene. But they should not force us to watch it every time when we replay certain stage.

  • VitaRG

    They should make DLC for this. New levels like with shadow falls environment and colors. To me it looks like its already based in shadow fall time. Especially in level 1 when you jump out the window.