Yeah, you read that right; one of the most constant supporters of the PlayStation Vita has just flipped its name around (and it extends across all “Namco Bandai” subsidiaries worldwide.

Our favourite publisher of PSVita games (especially Japanese ones) has flip-flopped as of yesterday, its board of directors voting to unify their naming scheme (the Japanese subsidiaries already called “Bandai Namco” since their merger). All 25 oversea subsidiaries will follow the 6 Japanese ones who have already taken the new moniker as they attempt to unify and better represent their new vision.

The decision was apparently motivated by the will to “enhance the value and appeal” of the brand; something we think is both overdue and wise in the long run.

Congrats on your name change Bandai Namco Games; now can we get some localisations now that you’re organized, please? 😉

  • Yuuki

    namco bandai had a better ring to it then bandai namco.
    my two cents.

    • Lester Paredes

      But how can you pass up on saying BAMCO!

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I would like them to support with some of Naruto.

  • Brian Sharon

    A rose by any other name…or something.