Toronto-based artist Brent Kobayashi offered insight today as to the creative process of creating Road Not Taken‘s lead character on Spry Fox’s website, while also revealing some possible details regarding the developer’s plans for character customization.

Kobayashi reveals both that he and Spry Fox have been exploring the idea of pulling back the rogue’s all-concealing cloak in favour of allowing the player to customize their avatar. “There are currently hundreds of possible avatar combinations, and we are working on allowing the player to have the option of fully customizing their character.”

It’s unconfirmed as to whether or not these options will be afforded to players in the final version, but it would likely make a welcome addition for many.

Kobayashi’s smuggler character (left) from Glitch served as heavy inspiration for Road Not Taken’s wanderer (right).

Though accomplished in his own right, Kobayashi admits that he has often on a long-time friendship with Journey producer Robin Hunicke and that her contributions to his vision have “carried over into design decisions made in Road Not Taken in a big way.” However it is the artist’s work on a previous title that has influenced his work on the upcoming roguelike the most, drawing on his time as Art Director on the 2011 MMO; Glitch.

“I created hundreds of NPCs for the game, but one of them that stuck with me was the Smuggler character.” he explained.  “I always wanted to use him again for something, so when it came to designing the characters for Road Not Taken, he was one of the first characters I dug out of the ol’ brain archives to re-iterate on”

It’s clear that the “smuggler” and Road Not Taken’s outcast have much in common visually, at least with the hood on that is.

For more on Spry Fox and Road Not Taken, check out our interview with Chief Creative Officer Daniel Cook.



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    I do like the artwork for this game.