A new update on To The Death‘s Kickstarter page suggests that we may be seeing PlayStation hardware as a base goal for the game sometime in the future. 

Earlier this week a Kickstarter campaign for the genre-bending game was announced by collaborative developers Scary Mostro and Section Studios. Originally planned for a base-release on home computers, the campaign featured a 750k stretch goal for versions on both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Since then however the team has posted a trio updates, the latest of which hints at the potential modification to their planned platforms.

“First off we’re working on ways that we may be able to add PS4, Vita, and Xbox One as part of the base goal.  We’re also looking into ways to support Wii U and 3DS.”

To The Death places players in the boots of two vengeful warriors who have pursued their animosity beyond this life and into the crawl; a purgatory-like existence. The 2D side-scrolling combat looks to be both frantic and frenetic, attacking hordes of demon-like enemies who rush the screen.

At the time of the update the campaign sat at 5% of its 400k goal, with 26 days left until completion.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    One of the games that I am really hipped and not will ever come to vita is Project Zomboid, such an awesome game with lots of potential and seriousness, not like Minecraft and theyr freaking fireworks.