In spite of its planned February launch, Gunslugs had accidentally gone live on the European PlayStation Newtwork store for a brief period today, it has since been removed.

It seems that there was a mix-up somewhere behind-the-scenes at Sony, as news of the  early release for the side-scrolling shooter caught Dutch developer OrangePixel off guard. The game is no longer available for download and remains on its original release schedule.

The listing priced the game at £1.99 in Europe during its brief stay.

Gunslugs is slated for launch on February 11th in North America, and February 12th in Europe.

  • Terramax

    Metal Slug in ultra-low resolution?

  • aros

    Damn. I was looking at this on the online store yesterday and thought I may as well purchase and download when I get home. When I got home, it was gone!