We’ve speculated all week and now it seems that the new slim PS Vita, the PCH-2000 will be revealed tomorrow after all.

A tweet posted by All Games Beta included a grab from an email, which suggests suggesting that you will be able to pre-order the device from tomorrow in the UK.

Slim Email

VG247 have followed the story up citing that a source told them that in addition to that the unit will retail for £189 and will have a game included in the price, but will only be available in black.

We will await the news ourselves tomorrow, but we thought that the whole point of the new design was to reduce the price – as the system removes the OLED screen whilst at the same time offering improved battery life and being slimmer and lighter.

What do you think of the news? Do you think that this is what will be revealed tomorrow? Is the potential pricing wrong? And would it disappont you if the black version is the only colour available?

  • John smith

    Getting rid of the OLED screen is removing half the fun for me. For some reason, this reminds of the PSP GO, and how well did that turn out? Why would I want to remote play KZ: SF on a LCD screen. Why are they making it smaller? It is already thin and light and easy to carry.

    • coco_wolfie

      i think when the vita launched it was like £230 / £250, i think to sony its about accessibility.. plus they always seem to do a slimmer *better?* version (similar to 2ds compared to 3ds) and for £189 with a game, its a pretty good deal.. i think its similar to why they introduced vita tv, to just get the games out there :p but yeah some people actually complained it was to big last time ._.

  • XtemmA2

    Once the New Slim Vita been available at most retails, some shop may start to offer a price cut for their OLED Vita in stock. If youre a girl, i think youll get happier with being Slim and Colourful. If youre a boy, oh…just wear a cheap black shirt that shouts “Oh, YEAH!”

  • Mauricio Quintero

    What was for the iun puts of the original vita that had next to the game card?

  • JoeCool

    PAUL! 😀

  • Terramax

    Boggles the mind why these still insist on only black model. At least popular colours like red and white should be on there.

    • The back of the console has color.

      • Terramax

        Just the back?

        • Yeah it’s weird but I heard that Europe is only getting the black one -_- *sigh*

  • aros

    Realistically, they need to reveal all the colours as selling them to as many existing Vita owners as possible is surely a massive part of the plan?

  • toby rogers

    £190! Who’s gonna buy one of these when the old one is cheaper, better screen etc. They need to bring that price down. I was looking at one as the as it does look nicer and looks closer to the ps4 design. Maybe in the future. Even with a game included its still not a deal.